The All Around Pleather Vest


The All Around is for every rough stock event! This vest uses the same protection as the Bullrider but has horizontal ribs in the front and three points of flexibility in the back. This allows for a flexible front and back. If you like a more flexible vest with the best protection this vest is for you!

All vests are covered by our lifetime warranty solely for the original vest purchaser.

Measurements are in feet
Small 4’-4’11
Medium 4’11-5’6
Large 5’6- 5’11
Large tall 5’11-6’1

How to measure:

Chest measurement – Hold arm out at 90 degrees. Measure down 4 inches from the arm pit. Take the measurement at this height around your chest area.
Over the shoulder measurement – Measure from the top of the belt at the front of the body to the top of the belt at the back of the body.
Note: Our max measurements are based on 2.5 inches of velcro still attached

Available in Black, Grey, White, Creme and Brown
Sizes: Standard, Tall Large

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Small, Medium, Large, Large Tall

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Crooked Horn Cowboy Protection's high quality protective rodeo gear is the perfect combination of safety and comfort.

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