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Today a bull came down and stepped on his chest and face. I was sure glad he was wearing his protective gear. A special thanks to #crookedhorncowboyprotection for making such good safety equipment to be worn by these kids.

Hey I just got my crooked horn vest in the mail today and I would just like to send a huge appreciation and thank you for getting it here so fast! I ordered it Sunday and it was here this afternoon. That is service like no other. Very excited to use it this weekend!!

— Jon

I got one of your vests from jones boys and he used it yesterday. Just wanted to say I am impressed with the quality of them and the affordable prices.

— Jeremy

Howdy, I just wanted to take a second and thank you for how much I appreciate your vest you guys make I had a bull step directly on my and his foot just slid right off with minimum damage to myself. I’m so glad I got a crooked horn and got rid of my Phoenix vest.
Thx a lot again for what you.

— Cody Fitz

I took a stomp from a hoof that would’ve broke my ribs and collapsed my lungs with a traditional vest but instead of that happening the vest slid the hoof and left me with a big scrape on my shoulder and scrape down my arm (and my favorite shirt ripped). My ribs are all sore but I only got the the wind knocked out me no collapsed lung like when I had my old vest!

— Anonymous Bullrider

First day out in his new vest he said it was like it wasn’t even on him. He didn’t cover but moved easy in it. Was all it claimed to be.

— Mike

Hello! My name is Reid Courtney. I bought one of your guys’ bull rider vests about 2 months ago. I’ve been absolutely amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of the vest. I have taken a few good Hookins and got stepped on square in my back last weekend and I’m still healthy. These vests are truly bad ass and 100% worth the money. I guess what I’m saying is thank you for making a great product that protects good people. If there is any kind of testimonial I can write or review or anything I would love to do that. Thank you for being great at your job!

— Reid

I orders the bull rider pleather and I love it, it fits great and it’s super comfy! Was told 10-14 showed up in half that, very easy to talk to and great product!

— Anonymous Bullrider

Got my vest last night, and I love it, feels great and looks great, great customer service as well!

— Austin

I really like my crooked horn vest. Just last weekend I got on my first big bull and stepped on tore up my arm a little but we’re the bulls foot really stepped on was ok.

— Bullrider12

The past year I’ve had a couple of injuries. The new vest helps with my confidence and allows me to focus on the ride.

— Lucas

We were looking to upgrade our sons protective rodeo equipment. We decided on a Crooked Horn Vest because of its design. It has proven to be the right choice. Thank you for keeping Lucas safe.

— Anonymous

Fixing to go have some fun in my very own. I love this vest the protection and comfort is complimented by the support you receive from the owners of the brand.

— BJ

Your vest feels like I am wearing nothing but I know I am protected. Best bullfighting vest around!

— Brett Monea

Thank you for a great vest! You guys have nailed the comfort and protection!

— Mike Dawson

Thanks for the great service! I love my new vest!

— Jerry Lawson

I recently got stepped on and in my old vest I would have been going to the hospital. The bulls feet slid right off!

— Tim Smith

Jam up vest boss it feels damn comfortable!

— Ralph Higgins

This is Cody McCandless’s ride on Saturday during the JR NFR. He is wearing his new crooked horn vest! It did exactly what you said it would do. The bulls hood came down on his side and it slide right off onto his hip!

— Jamie Sue

Hey buddy I used the new vest last weekend And I have to tell you it felt great! I was 88 in the short round and felt great!

— Cody Coverchuk

Fantastic vest now I feel protected and it’s so much lighter than my last one thanks!

— Calvin Thomas

The maneuverability in you vest is the best. It does not restrict me at all!

— Colton Grier

Your vest feels awesome! It’s so comfortable and doesn’t raise up on me in the chute!

— Mike Dickson

Your vest has saved me twice from really getting hurt! Thanks for the Best product!

— Cody Jesus

Guys, I wanted to drop by and say how grateful I am for these vest, the great Gary leffew talked me into trying them when I seen him in Vegas and when I returned luckily some were donated to Warriors And Rodeo. I am beyond grateful to have received one of these vest and I can say I’m thoroughly impressed with the vest. Before riding in them I had a problem putting a hump in my back this vest completely removed that and allows me to be comfortable while still being straight. Always nice knowing that you way more protected as well.

— BJ Elmore

 I’ll be honest. It took some getting used to. I’ve been in a Tk for quite a while now. So I’m used to that fit. So it felt kinda awkward for a bit. Not uncomfortable. Just I wasn’t used to it. But by the end of the night it was feeling really really good. I like how thin and light it is for sure! Good design.

— Dakota Simms

I took my first hooking in my new crooked horn vest and they are worth buying!

— Ronnie Friesen

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