Bullfighters Gear

Bullfigher Cordura

Model: CH-BF

$250 – $280 USD

Crooked Horn Cowboy Protection Bullfighter Vests are constructed to meet the ‘Fit, Form and Function’ of today’s Bullfighters!

In order to address issues with lack of protection, bulkiness, stiffness and lack of tailored fitting found in current models of vests, we have partnered with Rodeo Cowboys and Military Manufacturing Experts to develop a tough, protective system that affords the bullfighter ease of movement as well as the highest level of protection.


  • 10 inches of protection on the sides! More than our competition!
  • The only vest with Full 360 degree protection!
  • No week points
  • Hard shell with shock dispersing foam!
  • Knife safety string anchor point!
  • Knife storage front or side!
  • Military grade hook and loop!
  • Stream line design!
  • Overlapping Velcro to fit small to extra large!

Bullfighter Protective Shorts

Sizes: Small – XLarge

$130 USD

Bullfighters here is your protective shorts!!! Top quality materials! Same protection as we use in our vests. Non bulky and lite! Elastic waistband with adjustable belt. Removable pads making washing easy, pocket in the groin area if you want to add protection there as well.


Bullfighter Deflection shorts

  • ONLY 1.2 pounds

-high quality compression material

  • adjustable belt for comfort
  • Removable , butt pads and thigh pads,
  • Hip pads don’t interfere with protective vest
  • Thigh protection 350 degrees and will mold to your legs
  • Super sleek design with ultimate protection



Typical Sizing

Extra Small 25-28
Small 28-30
Medium 30-32
Large 33-35

Extra Large 36-40


Bull Fighter Jersey & Short Combo

Sizes: Large, XLarge

$80 USD


Bull Fighter Jersey & Short Combo

Sizes: Large, X Large, XX Large

$80.00 USD


Bull Fighter Socks

$14.95 USD

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Crooked Horn Cowboy Protection's high quality protective rodeo gear is the perfect combination of safety and comfort.

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